A Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat Food

A Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat Food

A Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat Food

This guide helps you choose the best kidney friendly cat food for your cat. This is a very important decision. Cats are essential carnivores and therefore have a particularly great need for protein. Wet food is a very close reflection of what your cat would be eating if they were living in the wild, not exactly, they do eat their prey raw, but a close reflection. Wet food comes in many different sizes and although it’s a more expensive diet than the dry food diet, it provides your carnivore cat with its main dietary source, protein. Due to it’s high level of moisture and protein, premium wet food is the best cat food that you can feed your cat When choosing a wet cat food make sure to read the ingredients. If the list starts with fillers like corn, corn meal, wheat, or any other name than a specific protein, like chicken, lamb, duck, then look for another brand. Cats are carnivores, and therefore the best cat food for your cat is one that is filled with real meat, since it should be the main source in their diets.

When you really love your pet and have their best interest at heart, it just feels good to know you are feeding them the healthiest food you can. Now this may mean that you will have to spend a little more for this food than for the other mass produced foods on the shelf, but when health and happiness are important, it makes sense to pay for top quality. Plus, you will save money in the long run by having your pets remain healthy. As a Pet Parent it is your responsibility to keep up your pet’s health the best way you know how. Feeding your kitty cat healthy pet food, is equally as important as feeding yourself healthy human food.

Wet food is the only food you should feed your kitty cat. This is the single best decision you can make for your cat’s health and longevity!  Your Best Friend deserves only the Best Quality cat food!

I’m going for maximum quality of life, rather than simply extending life, which is what the kidney diets do.

Please  join me on this difficult journey.




Criteria for High Quality Kidney Cat Food

While you’ll see fancy labels on many brands that claim to be organic, holistic, or superior in some other way, the truth about any cat food’s quality is revealed in its ingredients list. A guide for high quality cat food should include:

  • Use named meat protein sources
  • Contain no by-products
  • Contain no fillers such as soy, wheat or corn.
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives

Since ingredients are listed by weight, a look at the first five ingredients in any brand will give you a good idea about its true quality. There’s little agreement about which brand of cat food is truly the best, and no single manufactured food offers perfect nutrition. However, these are the brands that I highly recommend based on my years of experience with all of my CKD cats.

Blue BuffaloA Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat FoodI give the entire canned Blue Buffalo line my highest rating because of the care they take to ensure only the healthiest ingredients go in. Blue’s canned food is formulated to be as close as possible to a cat’s natural diet if it were living in the wild. This formula is grain and gluten free, contains no by-products or fillers, and uses named, high-quality meat proteins. It’s also free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and contains no corn, wheat or soy. They can be found at Petsmart.

Wellness  A Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat Food


Why Wellness Makes My List

The entire Wellness line has been a favorite of my cats for years. With its natural ingredients and high-quality protein sources,Wellness has a completely grain-free diet, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It also contains probiotics for improved digestion, as well as flax seed and salmon oils, which contain essential fatty acids. They can be found at Petsmart.

Nature’s Variety Instinct  A Guide On Buying The Best Friendly Kidney Cat Food


Why Instinct Makes My List

Canned cat food provides more moisture than dry, so it can be a healthier alternative to dry food for many cats. However, it’s difficult to find wet food that doesn’t contain the thickener carrageenan. Natures Variety is one of the few products that leave those thickeners out of their formulas. This formula is 95 percent chicken meat and liver, and five percent vegetables, fruits and other healthy ingredients. This food is also grain free and gluten free. I fully endorse the entire Nature’s line for their outstanding quality. My cats love the canned chicken formula and I urge you to please try giving this to your kitty cats. All of Nature’s canned products are worth trying.

Where to Buy

You can find Nature’s Variety at Petsmart.

Having your pet’s food delivered right to your home is also one of the most convenient changes you can ever make to your life. There will be no more running out of food once you have your auto-ship set up properly, or having to feed them something else because the store was closed when you needed it that very day. And you will save money by not being tempted to buy other random things from the pet store during your pet food runs. The home delivery will save you both time and money, both of which we can never have too much of in life.








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